“Great Again!”?

Silent slayer high, sailing blue, striking “Great Again”. Now none viewed deep within, warning, useless promise, land so wise, you the world would despise. “Great Again!”

Strange the wise, none ask why, only spite, for a world gone under again. So make your call, stand so tall, alone, for none will answer to “Great Again!”.

So enter the world at an end. Praise your Prophet again, his heroic stand, blond, and grand. His word so shallow, the ending of the morrow, Becoming “Great Again!”.


What do you think?

Written by Dennis Faherty


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  1. I am continuing my world studies, trying to understand what is happening around me. Am I an artist, no, just an individual who is expressing himself in the way available, while on the road. Thanks to both Hamza and Gerorgi for assisting my world sight..

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