Graveyard Shift

The original version was just a generic sexy evil nurse I did so I had new content to post the next day. Little did I know it would become a fan favorite…

#1 giclee print

My main problem with the low quality textures used in the first iteration; but before I could replace them with HD materials I needed to know what direction to go in. Since the evil nurse was pretty much introduced by Silent Hill, I let SH1's nurse design be the basis and set the piece in Alchemilla Hospital

When I say that Silent Hill was an influence, I mean exactly that; their design influenced mine. My design has a face and hair, so obviously I'm not attempting to duplicate Team Silent's look and feel...

Other influences include Reanimator, of course. That's where she got the reagent and her name from! Her lovely smile might remind you of the kuchisake-onna as well


What do you think?


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