The Golden Horse Whisperer & His Red Marble

‘The Golden Horse Whisperer & His Red Marble’ is a bird headed angel asking for directions or pointing the way.

The artwork is after a painting by Raphael and fits into a body of Art About Art works I have made over the past 2 years – it is the result of revisiting Raphael’s ‘Tobias Meets the Archangel'(see below).

In creating the ‘The Golden Horse Whisperer & His Red Marble’ you can see that Raphael’s composition has been significantly cropped and the colourways made more blue/yellow/golden. The addition of the Dove head and the red marble has dramatically changed the meaning of the image, which, with its new title enables the work to have a completely new life.

Why a dove’s head? It alludes to peace. Why a large red marble? It adds mystery and compositional interest, alchemy even.


What do you think?

Written by Gordon Coldwell

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  1. I’m truly enjoying your posts. Very interesting to say the least. Keeps me engaged and that’s truly amazing. I get a true visual story. You have no idea how hard it is to get my attention these days. Well done yet again.