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Its August 1st! This month I bring to you our recently made painting that was meant to just paint for myself as to enjoy God’s handiwork through art. But then I recgonized that God was calling it for something deeper. Now its the offical painting for August! There’s alot I would like to share about it.

Before we get into it, Our last painting from July was a sketch from the picture God hugging the world. There was recent color I added to the sketch. Here is it’s final look below:

I really enjoyed how this turned out. God’s heart moved on this piece and every time I see it I see depth and beauty in the eyes and heart of God. I’m grateful to create such an amazing piece!

Now onto our painting for this month: AUGUST!


Okay this painting was made this past week and Its really great because it expresses the intimate but yet faithfulness of God that he holds everything together. Everything has its expression because of who he is.

It was comforting and exciting when I saw this picture, I couldn’t wait to create it. Here below I’ll share the other versions.

I was listening to a song that goes great with this picture. Feel free to listen if you like:


God’s glory is in his world that he created, formed and made. Its great to be able to share in his creation through his creative power of love that moves the universe. Hope you enjoy this painting and God bless you



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