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Girl with a Camel – WIP

You might remember the girl from a previous fanservice piece, but you will not remember the camel as it never made it into my Adoration of the Magi. The camel was pretty fun though, so I wanted to bring it back

#1 work in progress

still needs some work, but it has good bones

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  1. This is incredible!!!!!! Greatly balanced items and details although she need to be more balanced. If I haven’t mentioned I love all your artworks with the eastern theme..!

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#2 camel test

this is a test render of the camel, which I have already decked out in pink since I knew a turbaned girl would like this color scheme...

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      • Yes! I would love that… Like I said the previous comment I love all of these only the woman must be better balanced in tone (which is completely different now) with the camel background… But she alone is incredible too, only maybe for some other background arrangement…..

          • I support you in that… Although, I must say/ask…, how do you manage to control yourself…..? When ever I know what I have to do and it is that important, or have an exact plan what and how to do it, I am too excited so I usually mess it up, or, it just turns out totally different than planned… :||||||||||||

What do you think?

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