It’s weird, but you can change it anytime you want. This graphic was created using a new tool produced by Photoshop. It is relatively easy to use and can be very stimulating. There are several levels to choose from and this one is done using the beginner tool. You can imagine, that as you begin to grasp the concept, you would be able to produce much more intricate graphics.


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    • I agree I used to make hand knives and even a couple of Japanese fighting sword replicas like a Tantō (dagger) which were sometimes worn by samurai warriors as well as a katana (medium sized sword) and a wakizashi, (full sized samurai sword). I also used to do some gunstock carving and checkering, a bit of dabbling with pencil portraits and wildlife sketches, until one day my hands just lost their full dexterity… Most frustrating at times, when I forget and take on tasks I simply cannot do anymore, mostly I just laugh it off gracefully.

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