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Funny Domestic Animals Drawings

November 2019 has been a busy month – setting exams, marking and grading and inputting the results in the computer.

I teach at a middle-level teacher training college. 

One of the requirements of a skilled and knowledgeable teacher is to know how to utilize teaching materials e.g. charts. Mostly in Africa, we prefer using sacks as they are cheap and readily available unlike in developed countries where they have better written materials. 

The sacks are usually placed on walls to aid the teacher in teaching which makes it easier for pupils to grasp what the teacher is teaching. When teachers teach pupils on a certain theme and sub-theme, most of the time they’ve to make use of the charts to aid them in their teaching. 

At the college I teach, students had to draw a variety of things and people based on several themes.

Well, some of the drawings were quite hilarious especially drawings on animals. Like this one:

And this one:

Not all of us are skilled in drawing but the goat, sheep and hen in the above photos and the zebras made me smile hard.


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