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fun with geodes – WIP

Just exploring my options for the potion vendor. Of course the standard crystals are going to work but I do have other options. I could go in a geode direction. To that end, here are some options…


What do you think?

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      • It is tough. You will find one in about every 100 you pick up. I have a bunch of small ones, about the size of a quarter. I was visiting my grandfathers land last year, he has been gone for 55 years, and was a professional rock hound. Worked for SD County. While I was there, I noticed this small hill of round rocks all the size of a quarter. I picked one up, and it was very light. We smashed it with another rock and indeed it was a geode. I guess back in the day these were too small to even take time out to cut them. It was like Christmas. And yes I took all of them home. My sons have some and I do as well.


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