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These are some photos I made recently while visiting one very small and cute coffeeshop. Although it is a coffeeshop I was drinking tea and, as you can see, it was served in a very cute and interesting way, with some very interesting accessories and with a very interesting cup…! It has an interesting message printed on it, and believe it or not, this is a ceramic cup…! I don’t know if you have ever seen such cups but it seems it is some kind of a new trend and design between cups…! ;D

I hope you will like and enjoy them!

Thank you for visiting!

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        • I think I have already visited it a few days ago by opening all of your posts, I don’t remember if I sent you a compliment for that (for your posts) but I think I did… Yes, I checked now, I did… When it comes to comments, I will, I haven’t managed to comment any of the newly published posts of almost any of the authors but I noticed all of your new posts and opened and upvoted all of them until I start commenting all authors’ articles…
          I’m just currently “in between” when it comes to my presence here, like I wrote in one of my latest articles (not sure if you noticed it)… So I’m kinda taking a break and doing what I’m able to do…

        • Not a problem, I didn’t mean anything bad too (if I possibly sounded like that), just wanted to tell you and explain something you maybe weren’t aware of because I haven’t upvoted those old posts, but I sent a compliment instead so I thought you will know that was me, heh… 🙂 But I agree I should comment too, that is something I complained about in a way too in that post I mentioned above, and I did noticed your new posts and wanted to comment, but I will have to catch them up later…! (sorry for waiting…..!!! :()

    • No no, it is a natural mint tea (in a plant form) put in the water and there is a mechanism which you press and pull (down and up through the bottle) several times before pressing it to the bottom at the end to put the plant down at the bottom of the bottle and only tea water stays up above it… 🙂

      Thank you very much for commenting!!! 🙂

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