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Friends In the Journey.

I can not remember how many pets have accompanied me on the whole journey of my life to this day. The animals I care as a friend consists of many species such as dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, chickens, lemurs and iguanas. Among all types of pet that is always there is a cat and dog but the most is a cat.

Among the few cats I have lived with, some of whom I have painted, they are the very impressive cats of my life. These are four of the few.


Suki has been with me for a long time since I was in high school to college. Suki left me after being hit by a motorcycle. This painting I made based on photos. I make it red because I want to express the nagging character that is too often meowed, in addition to its active nature that likes to tease other friends.


There are five white fluffy parts of all the glossy black. In the head and on the fourth of his legs. Bobo, I left him at my mom's house when I got married because my mother loves him too.


Meng, he was a close friend when I was in college. Accompanying me long nights to work on college assignments in Interior Design. He just wants to sleep in my bed, whenever, whether I am there or not. This makes it compatible with Ranger, an English cocker spaniel. Unfortunately, Ranger got cancer so his behavior became very grumpy and had to keep chained on the porch before he finally left me.


Comel is still living healthy but I have given to my sister since my oldest daughter is strongly advised to stay away from cats due to fur allergies.

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