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I prophesy,

With summer rains

the storms shall deplete

All chains old 

who once were unrightfully bold

No longer 

will they hold down 

your hands and feet,

Get with this

Now exit this 

Too much static all around

Be cognizant of energies

up and down the ground 

Watch out for the erratic

Illusion is the magician’s deception

Control the urge to be too emphatic 

For therein lies some traps,

FM portal to Heaven

We know the secrets of sound

Cosmic navigator

can you read the maps? 

Do tap into the frequency

It’s tattooed in my 7,

The claws be sharper

See how our beaks are ready to defeat,

Change is climatic 

so dress for the occasion

Luck is an ideology

just as most things dogmatic

Don’t stay stuck 

rather fan your flames of faith

The power is in the truth

that you know,

Telepathy with me

Up and away

Vibe into the frequency 

There’s a place 

no hindrance can get to thee

Know like Noah

Too long don’t linger 

No fear the storms  

Our inheritance 

is from out of this world,

Garota linda 

I say Mi casa

Oh my girl 

No pain no gain

In this rain  

With me come dance,

Come dance in my reign…                         

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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