Free Images for Artists; Got Any Special Requests?

Hey fellow artists!

I’ve been thinking. Here I am trying to take a picture and then share it here, hoping someone might need it and isn’t that crazy.

We all know the way to make anything take off is to give people what they want.

Not what I want but what they want.

So, got any special requests?

Look on your map and check out the region of Texas where my city – Lubbock, Texas, USA is and see if there’s likely an image from this part of the world you might want.

Or maybe your just having a run of bad luck finding the image you want and another pair of eyes might help.

What do I ask in return? Attribution for the image within your work and a link back to the page you get my image from.

It seems pretty reasonable of an offer.

If you’re a member here, you already know we would all love a chance to see what you do. But if you’re not, you will want to consider joining us here for free.

Not only will you likely find a few new fans, you could also earn a little more coffee money sharing your work here with us.

Good people.

There is nothing more to buy than belief in yourself.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington


  1. Maybe ones about guessing games because I do them quite regularly. Also bird and flower ones too. nature ones. Maybe one about counseling for starters.

  2. Many writers might be able to use funny photos like for if they are telling a joke. Pictures of birds, flowers etc. Love photos like for writers writing love poetry. So many options!