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Fishing for Books

Reading is such a vital part of learning that it really distresses me when I hear some kids (especially boys) who don’t like to read.  What a world of wonder they are missing out on by just “waiting for the movie to come out.”  There is a ton of cool and vital information in the book that there is just no time or budget to put into the movie.  When books are made into movies, they invariably hire a writer to rewrite the book into a screenplay and that means altering the book.  Often the movie is so altered it has no resemblance to the book at all.

I created this series of fine art photos to encourage children to read.  Do you think I’m coming close to the goal?

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  1. It looks surreal and interesting, but it might be too surreal for a kid. Maybe have the kid sitting on the side of a ship, fishing for different books filled with adventure. Or, maybe a scene where a kid is holding a bundle of classic novels hanging for fishing lines, and the kid has a big smile on his face like he just struck gold or a pirate’s treasure chest.

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