February 2020 Inspirational Ideas

Monday, 2.3.20

February is the month for red, hearts, and love. I took a stroll in my neighborhood, which felt chilly around 5 pm. This house is always filled with holiday decor. 

My decor is still the same wreath and one plant, as well as my old bench that I bought new in the 90s.

I thought that bicycle banner looks cute. 

I had to take a snapshot of these trees because I liked there form, which looked like art sculptures. And, it looks even cooler with the silhouette.

This one looks OK. 

The last snapshot is of my found object. It is a little light that changes colors. I think it was hanging off something, and it fell off. On the back, it has the word, “Smoko,” which means a taking a short break, like a rest or coffee/tea break. Is this a sign or hint for me?


What do you think?

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