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Right on time

After 7 comes 8

The thing about Faith

is that it’s never ever late

So for the minutes

that we have to wait – benign,

To yourself be kind

Let me ease our minds

with these here words 

that I must needs orate,


As I sit up upon this mountain

where the eagles play

Got your valley on my radar

I really don’t care what they say

With no disguise

I’m gonna tell you anyway,

Under these skies

Being witnessed

by all things clouded

You should know that

Everyday more & more

I admire all that you are

And I,

I’m still mesmerized

by your saxxy eyes

Of course 

there are so many beautiful girls

in the world I can see,

But they got nothing on you

mi Lady,

Like I said

I really don’t care what they say

Like petals need a kiss of rain

Everybody deserves a little play

That’s why I tell you anyway,

Girl lady

All that you do  

Being a part of who you are

you’re like an instrument,

 As a matter of fact

You are an instrument,

in so many different ways

Just like the one I yearn to play

from night into the dawn,

See this thing between us

is like a Salmanazar wine,

It must be out of Eden

For the more we wait

The more we taste

The more it becomes intoxicating,

Say yippy yay

In a matter of 4 hey

Your love light’s in flight

In a second

of a minute of the hour

On wings of a bird

I reckon it shall beckon

around your tower 

Destination cruising 

all around and down your runaway,

my clay

Hey Miss,

Tis this cloud of witnesses saying; 

‘Like this

Only Heaven can bait,

There’s a mathematical fraction

for such a faith-fueled attraction

as this bliss,’


Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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