Exploring the Effects of Gradual Change on Humanity and Frogs

How Can Artists Help? How Can I Help?

How can I help save the planet and the human race? Can my art contribute to the solutions needed rather than add to the problem? I will save the argument of whether digital painting is more planet healthy than traditional painting for another time when I have studied the subject.

Today’ painting series is like tip toeing into change, keeping everything the same except the brightness. These “Bubble” paintings are all the same with a slight change in the “lightness”.

A Frog in Hot Water

This reminds me of the story of the frog placed in a pot of cool water and put on the stove to slow cook. If the change happened quickly and you put him in hot water he would jump out. But if the change happens slowly the frog will not react quick enough to save his own life.

Changing Climate With Diets, Appetites, Cars, Buildings, & Waste

And that reminds me of the changing carbon dioxide level and climate we are seeing. We have not reacted to the slow change and are approaching the dangerous level where we may not be able to keep the ice caps from melting, the sea levels from wiping out all of our coastal towns and drought and floods that make it difficult to feed the survivors.

We keep building inefficient, inexpensive housing requiring lots of heating and cooling.We buy inefficient, inexpensive gas guzzling transportation for single drivers.We eat in a way that not only makes us sick, but contributes greatly to climate change.We manufacture, market and buy things we don’t need which keeps us subject to political control and poverty and continued inaction.

Awakening The Majority of Earth Dwellers

The solution requires awakening from our self centered lives and learning to appreciate more than our personal wealth, status and belongings. Perhaps appreciating our fellow humans, nature, art and music are the first steps.


What do you think?


Written by Joel_Bowers

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