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experimental WIP

I usually don’t work this way, but it was pretty fun taking a house of cards approach. This is more of a doodle than anything else, so I kept things pretty loose. All and all, it was in interesting experiment…

#1 daylight

not a bad job of light matching, if I do say so myself...

11 points
    • the background is a photo, and I did the render without knowing what background I would use. so I was pleased that I was able to match the two so well…

#2 first render

it was about this time I realized that the lighting sucked...

9 points

#3 no background

I also wanted to test out some loose socks, and realized I didn't have to start a new piece to do it

9 points
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#4 study

the sock texture isn't quite right, but I can most likely fix it...

9 points

What do you think?

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