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Every Rose Has Its Thorns

For some reason, I keep doing post-apocalyptic art lately. But how dark can a dystopian future really be if there are still hot girls? Seriously…

Ever notice how all post-apocalyptic societies seem to be a cross between anarchist with some sort of despot in charge? How does that even work? At any rate, Desert Rose is the leader of one such band. She is the queen of all she surveys.

#1 Desert Rose – Release Version

Everything I know about wasteland wardrobes I learned from watching 80's films. They're seeming more and more legit every day. Less like entertainment and more like a stern warning of things to come

#2 clay render

This clay render has a lovely color scheme that I ultimately eschewed in favor of a more stark palette. While the burnt rose hues really complimented the name of the piece, those luscious colors clashed thematically and I decided a washed-out look was more suitable for this queen of the badlands


Composition is a big concern of mine, which I take very seriously but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with it; here I'm drawing a parallel between the arc of the rings and the arch of her back. Playing with the balance of the foreground and background elements in a Taoist fashion is something I've been encorporating into my work ever since I started playing go...


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