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Ever wonders Stone Pairings

Stones of various shapes are found everywhere, but Japanese artist Akie Nakata, with her special creative art transform any stone into animal shape painting.

But it is not called a picture, because with its art, they cast the stone into the same animal that people forget that it was a stone or a statue of an animal.

According to Aki Nakata, the stone near him is not a canvas but a sense of emotion. Several years ago she was walking along the river, that at meanwhile she saw a stone and picked.

I feel it when I pick a stone. Sometimes it seems that I have not chooses the stone, but stone chooses me. ۔ I think every stone has its own purpose, which suggests that I need to work on it now. After that I am painting on it and my relationship with the rock is connected, ‘said Aki.
She says she has a feeling of rocks but retains their original shape rather than rubbing or breaking any stone. She shape the stone as an animal in its natural form. I keep painting on it until the animal looks in my eyes and looks alive. Even the stone appears to be a lively animal.

Despite repeated inquiries from people, she does not sell rocky animals to anyone but allows anyone who wants to see them. ۔ All of Aki Nakata’s work can be viewed on her social media account. Her studio still has a pile of silent stones on which they have to decorate amazing images of animals.


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