Escort Party for Chief’s Lookout-A

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At village

there was hue and cry

Chief had vanished

no signs of return evah

at evening gatherings

blokes murmured

“told ya not to give him money

now he has vanished with the loot,

he must be dining

in fine suit and boot”

Plus nobody is to tell us here

anything no more.

This dimwitted who heads this meeting

has already resulted in two dead, three drowned

6 miscarriages, 7 thefts and umpteen crimes;

I hope Chief comes back brightened and sharp

rather soon ! Commotion broke at this data read

and all began ahead to shoe the dimwitted head

who was laughing instead of making a face sad.

Three old folks came in to rescue

and shouted, we have an idea

why not send us three to city

to search and ferret out Chief.

Villagers shouted No no more collections

Chief has already looted us so good

that we are eating rye and bread

three times and nothing more

now you leeches, you want to

enjoy as we gloom here

with this dimwitted bore.

After a lot of fight and struggle

it was agreed to send the escort party of three

to have the Chief freed.

Conditions were simple

they would get only train fare

and would have to live on streets

as they looked out hard for Chief

and overriding condition was

if the three did not return in a week

then their homes would be looted

to get back train tickets.

The three vagabonds were so sick of life of village

and they wanted to enjoy city to best, that they

agreed to such conditions and got ready

to be escort party.

Each got $20 as train tickets

and villagers showed them the boots and rods

that would welcome them if they came empty handed

or even ran away.

To be continued……


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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