Enjoy life

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She smiled

flowers bloomed in my heart

did she say aye

had no means to verify

then we locked eyes

and I saw her invite

I had to fight

a battle to sky

held her hands

electricity ran

touches grew


then she said

why not kiss

we turned fierce



she sighed

are not

we made

for each other

till things settle down

let us plant feet on earth

and enjoy life!


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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Enjoy Life….

Every day we go through a lot of things. We see a lot, but rarely what we remember. We feel a lot, but rarely we feel from the heart. And so, let’s go, just go on and on.

Stand still, not everything in money, in wealth, in gold, in treasures, and in other things worth billions. Not the rich one who has the most, but the one he least needs. People will forget what you said and what you created, but they will not forget the feeling you have woken in them.

I was thinking about what makes my life happy. What is it that fills me and smiles on my face. I started to enumerate myself and realized that the truth is when they say that “happiness is made of small things.” Happiness is something that comes from us and nobody can make us happy.

We always think that we will be happy when this or that happens to us. Or we were happier before. And we forget to live in the present and feel joy at the present moment.

Watch the world with the eyes of a child. Be playful, joyful, grateful. Enjoy everything.

You will see how every day you notice more and more beauty everywhere in your life.

You love everyday life and make it always different. Break the monotony, the world is full of color varied. Rigid, metallic, matt, light, pastel, all-round. Fear your life with your originality, your enjoyment in everything, your child’s joy, with your constant gratitude.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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