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Endogeny & me – UE variants

Recently had a request for different treatments of the same piece, so here is a work in progress I’m doing. I am going to migrate it over to a new engine, which means surface conversions for everyone! Huzzah

At any rate, I will be doing an Iray version soon so tanoshimi ni shite kudasai…


What do you think?


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  1. Idea for you
    Could you draw something representing mental illness
    in one picture tore in half
    half before understanding and the other half after understand has happened
    I think this topic needs to be sensitively understood
    Just an idea!

        • I’ve also considered doing a Shattered Dreams treatment, but that would be specifically for an MDP/DID piece, ala Three Faces of Eve/Sybil where each shard would feature a different personality and use a different techniqe

          Another approach would be to use the multiple polaroids but I want to avoid that solution for the obvious reasons…

          • I think it should show their struggles but in a sensitive way. I hope to show it to group homes if you would not mind. The shattered dream photo is exactly what depression is all about in a sensitive way

  2. Well, everything shows the beauty of a work. So I think its use depends on the need of the theme or according to the taste of the buyer. In short like serving coffee, wanting black, with a little sugar, or sweet. Or like spicy food with chili in my country, not too spicy – level 1 and super hot – level 8. Hehehe…


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