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Endogeny & me – UE variants

Recently had a request for different treatments of the same piece, so here is a work in progress I’m doing. I am going to migrate it over to a new engine, which means surface conversions for everyone! Huzzah

At any rate, I will be doing an Iray version soon so tanoshimi ni shite kudasai…


What do you think?


  1. Idea for you
    Could you draw something representing mental illness
    in one picture tore in half
    half before understanding and the other half after understand has happened
    I think this topic needs to be sensitively understood
    Just an idea!

    • That is a really interesting concept… I did an asylum piece a while back, which I will post later on in the week. But I am going to have to look into your idea. Binary pieces usually work for me

      • Thank you! Your post called Shattered Dreams maybe a part of the picture, then draw a restored looking one. Just a thought! Thank you for considering my idea

        • I’ve also considered doing a Shattered Dreams treatment, but that would be specifically for an MDP/DID piece, ala Three Faces of Eve/Sybil where each shard would feature a different personality and use a different techniqe

          Another approach would be to use the multiple polaroids but I want to avoid that solution for the obvious reasons…

          • I think it should show their struggles but in a sensitive way. I hope to show it to group homes if you would not mind. The shattered dream photo is exactly what depression is all about in a sensitive way

  2. Well, everything shows the beauty of a work. So I think its use depends on the need of the theme or according to the taste of the buyer. In short like serving coffee, wanting black, with a little sugar, or sweet. Or like spicy food with chili in my country, not too spicy – level 1 and super hot – level 8. Hehehe…