Embarking on my Book Promo Tour…

Tuesday, 4.9.19

This morning, I woke up thinking about doing marketing material for my book promotion tour. After the Association people finished painting the front door, I did some sketches. But I am not really happy with it. I like the ones I did for my first novel, but I cannot use them for the second novel. I probably need to do more sketches for brainstorming. I checked my mailbox today to notice my “poor man’s copyright” package arrived. I put it with the first novel’s copyright package. 

As I walked out of my front door to go to the evening walking meetup, I noticed my nextdoor neighbor’s house looks very clean. I took a closer look inside the window, and noticed the rooms are all empty. I wasn’t aware they were moving. I didn’t see a Uhaul truck anywhere. Their move seemed so sudden, quick, and unexplained that I didn’t even see any moving vans or any signs of moving. Usually it is a mess when someone is moving. 

The walk was nice because it is springtime. The skies are light until 7:30 pm, and it was breezy but nice. The air felt fresh and relaxing, as everyone enjoyed the 4.5-mile walk. We noticed a lot of geese couples with gosling hanging out by the manmade lake, like they were enjoying a family picnic. I also noticed two cute brown rabbits playing together like two kittens or puppies. They are probably siblings playing with each other. 


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