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Egyptian Princess – WIP

If winter is getting to cold for you, why not heat things up with some Egyptian art? This was really a makeup and wardrobe test for a full body piece I wanted to do but this turned out so nice I am planning to release a head shot as well…

As you can tell, I am planning on using that painterly approach again on this piece, so please look forward to it!

#1 work in progress

This isn't an underpainting but you'll notice I haven't done much with the background. I haven't solved that part of the piece yet, but she's looking pretty resolved

#2 rough sketch

Here is a lineart version, which I may or may not use as the basis for another experiment, we'll have to see

#3 toned sketch

Just added a bit of tone here and it really changes the read much more than I would've expected...

What do you think?

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