Editing my artwork

As I finish working on retouching my graphic novel pages, I am also playing around with computer programs that I have Microsoft Publisher 2016 and Microsoft Office 2010 Starter because I need to figure out how I will put together the overall book. I did a 200-page template for the book on Publisher. When I finish retouching, I will work on the script before scanning each page, placing it into book format, and filling in the script.

The top drawing was one of the rough drawings for my graphic novel. I decided to redraw thing page differently because I didn’t like the drawing. It look like crap, especially the man’s hands. I hate drawing hands. But the women look OK. I seem to draw women better than men. They are more fun and easier to draw. I think I will type in the script because it will be neater. I ended up drawing a totally different layout for this page. Yep, this is why I need to do editing, even in graphic novels. I notice certain issues that really bug me.


What do you think?


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  1. i am doing as much as i can with pencil and marker editing right now. i have around 5 pages left, and i just realized two pages that i wrote in type i want to redraw better so i can type the boxes on the computer program..

    • I don’t know. I am just using my graphic design training, which involved drawing by pencil and cleaning things up on programs. it might look like a 200-page fine arts project with clean type narration…


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