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Eddiest of the Soul

Eddies of the Soul by Simon Cook (C) 2008 2017 

The swirling eddies of the soul,
fighting an obstinate tide,
wrenching my heart out of control.

Constricted feelings take their toll,
as unreasonable Gods stand astride,
the swirling eddies of the soul.

A circuitous fate does cajole,
my winsome fearless pride,
wrenching my heart out of control.

Contemptuous questions split my whole,
like demon-spawn knives that ride,
the swirling eddies of the soul.

And in that dark descending hole,
my discordant worlds collide,
wrenching my heart out of control

Forlornly I request my heart’s parole,
and thus the prison can’t hide,
swirling eddies of the soul,
wrenching my heart out of control.

 Author notes…

I’ve always been interested in poetry and have written many free form poems. A few years ago I decided to try and create a poem based on standard rules – focusing on the iambic pentameter as well as applying the rules of a style of poetry. My chosen style was the Villanelle.

For me it was a very difficult style to write in as you had to repeat phrases, and the repetition throughout the whole poem had to make sense – so you couldn’t simply throw out some arbitrary lines. I found it most difficult to keep up a tempo that ran well and worked in the whole context of the poem.

While not perfect I am very please with the final poem – I wrote it over 9 years ago and even today I would not change it.

With most of the poems I write, the undercurrent tends to be based on my own emotions – hopefully this poem tells you a little about who I was back in 2008!

About my photo.

I’ve chosen a photo that came from my back yard – I feel that often life is seen through a mirror or through a looking glass – the image of life is often distorted and in hindsight probably never truly represents where you are at any given time. Hopefully the photo matches this idea!


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