Earth trembled slow to the Music

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Earth Nearby

sang of its

Place in the Sky

The moon wasn’t Shy

the sun in its circle

was ready

to Standby

The planet trembled

slow to the music

the sky rang

sweet bells in

in clouds and sunbeams high

Each where the Air

hummed and drummed

and glowed to the flow

of sound

beyond compare

Mummur or hummer

the sound flowed

like Honey

and an army

of dancers

followed the Piper

up the clouds

to dance in a trance

and chance

to look down

and see every where

Sound lightning


and heaven was loaded

with joy

as men of good will

joined hands with

good men and women

in voices

of thanks for

for Earth to Declare


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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