Earth-Moon Geometry

Here are some interesting facts regarding Earth-Moon geometry.

I drew a small diagram (sorry it’s not quite perfect, I was drawing freehand!) representing the Earth and the Moon.

First, you “square the circle”, that is, you draw a circle and square, with the same circumference and perimeter. This is represented by the orange square and the large blue circle. This is the squared circle. Next, you inscibe a circle in the square, so the sides of the inner circle are touching the square. This inner green circle represents the Earth. Next, you draw a small circle on top, so the center point is at the large blue circle. This small red circle represents to moon.

This is how the Earth and Moon “square the circle”. It is a strange coincidence that the Earth and Moon have this perfect geometry. Another strange coincidence about the Earth and Moon is that a sidereal moon day is 27.3 days, and also, the Moon is 27.3% the size of the Earth. There are a lot of strange coincidences regarding the Earth, Moon and Sun. The Earth-Moon geometry was discovered (or rediscovered, as the ancients at Stonehenge may have known this) by John Michell, so I have to give him credit. I just want to share this mystery with others who may be interested.

Is it a coincidence? is it designed? Are there factors we are unaware of, such as natural and mathematical laws with may be responsible for this and other geometries found in nature? I don’t know, but I am fascinated by the mystery.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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