Earth Child Woes

Earth Child Woes

Tears shed, dropping in waste, some would say. Others smile, with the fretting face, hidden are the truths of knowing, blocked the caring, when an earth child woes. No, this is not a barren gesture, nor can it be ignored. It cannot, will never disappear, for the young have always suffered, for the old, who gesture they have been there before.

Earth Child, smile once again, give us strength, to face the discarded truth, one remaining word, showing our existence of, before, when we accepted the honor, of planet strengthening, instead of trades waste. There are the few, who would renew, stand willingly, following the way of sense, rejoicing yourself renewed.

Never, never fade, nor shed silence. Free the old of the blocking, dominating strength, we never know, cannot call existence, future cannot remain in the past. Creation is never given, more the responsibility, gift of environment renewed , strive to give,  leave the take, share our world, make old a wonder, not the curse of containing, ever wanting, the dominant, cannot be taken, in the end of fate.


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Written by Dennis Faherty

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