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Earn Money Submitting Listicles for Wonders

Wonderlist is among fewer online sites that accept submission from freelance writers. They publish list items and once your submission is accepted, it is published and you’re paid money through PayPal or Payoneer. The payment usually occurs within 48 hours (from my experience).

They publish any list items imaginable. While the payment isn’t generous, it still pays to write an article that requires minimal or a lot of research. This is because not only will you get paid but your listicle will be viewed by thousands of people. You will make a name for yourself.

They accept guest blogging. This is beneficial to bloggers who would like a backlink to their blogs from an established site that receives huge traffic. This is one of the advantages they have listed in their submission guideline page. They state:

  • You will get a backlink from
  • You will get a mention (author name) in each post.
  • Our editorial team will review your article and backlink details. We will let you know about acceptance of articles and backlink.

The following are submission rules you should put into consideration before hitting the submission button:

  1. Your article should have more than 1,500 words.
  2. Your listicle should contain ten items in descending order (or more than 10 things).
  3. It’s not necessary to submit images and/or videos together with your article. The staff will do that work for you.
  4. Your submission should not have been published in the site.
  5. Your article should be genuine and factual. At the end of the article you should list the sources you referred to in your research and a link to each source (where necessary).

Who knows, you can become a member of the Wonderslist if you submit listicles that get published.

Note that once your article is accepted for publication, you no longer hold ownership to the article. However, your name will be displayed alongside your article.

They don’t accept spinned articles.

As I stated above the payment is not favourable to your pocket. They pay $5 for every published post.

I had submitted three listicles which were accepted. Sadly, my name wasn’t displayed along the third article that was accepted for publication. I had spent a lot of time researching and editing the article. The name displayed isn’t my own. However, I was paid for the article.

The list articles I had submitted to the site and were published are:

Best Cats and Dogs YouTube Compilation Videos (Top 15)

Most Divorced Celebrities – 10 Celebrities with the Highest Number of Divorces

The 10 Most Interesting But Bizzare Traditional Practices

Here is the link to the submission guideline page of the site, You can navigate the site to browse some of the listicles that have been published on the site.

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