Early Reader Books: Jobs People Do

What does a farmer do? Who puts out fires? Where does an astronaut work? Who takes care of sick animals?

Young children can read and discover the facts about jobs people do in this delightful book by Kingfisher Readers. The book is developed with literacy experts and features clear, appealing text with information which children will find useful and relevant.

The sentences are short and simple with lots of repetition. There is also a glossary at the end.

Kingfisher Readers: Jobs People Do is a great book to help young readers build their reading skill, confidence and a love of books.

Tip: Do not focus on reading words only. Look at the pictures and discuss what the child finds interesting or new. Encourage the child to tell you in his own words what is happening in the pictures.


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Written by Dawnwriter


    • Thanks Leslie. I try to set aside 10-15 minutes daily for my five year old to read the books aloud to me. It’s fascinating to see the perspective of young children on things we don’t normally spend much time thinking about.