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DUAL POEMS: Scenic Route to The Magic of Ooh


In this life

Around the block

Roads high and low

we’ve travelled so far

Yet someway somehow

Me and the scent of you

We’re still to learn

the real magic of Ooh…

The magic of you

The magic of me

The essence of your finessence

Deep inside of you

With or without words

There’s this thing

That speaks to a thing

deep inside of me…

A mirrored reflection of you

You’re curious to explore

the mystery of me

Sometimes the vent too

We’re caught in a 22

Slipping into the quicksand of allure,

Cos this thing we prefer to hate

Is the very thing

we love to adore…

More and more

Like a cord

that pulls from the ocean tide

How long can you hide

When it shows on the face,

The magic of you

The magic of me

Falling into

A dawning into

The magic of Ooh…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


Trapped to this world

Bent on pressure by demands

How can anybody interpret

a language they don’t understand,

Unless they have x-ray eyes

How can they visualize

a place they’ve never been to…

You’re keen to see into what I mean

Step into my arena

Take a minute

Relax your mind

And in a moment,

You’ll be scripted onto the scene…

Tho crowds at the elevator

be anticipating for the rise

I prefer the scenic route,

Ground zero spirals up

like a tree from it’s roots,

Just as dew drops are damper

to petals kissed

In this way

Let me pamper you…

A journey thru your door

As we learn the magic of you

There’s so much more to discover

Lets uncover from the lover within,

Slow, steady and correct

I take you round the mountain

Watch the sunrise in your eyes

Noon light to moonlight’s allure

Fainted clouds shrouded in awe

Some glean their sunsets

on your pretty-pretty face,

Peep into the wilderness

See the wildness of your nature

Like a vintage wine

that creeps into your veins

Oh my witty!

As sure as night falls into day

You’ll be trembled at my touch…



Seek to sight

School in the wonder of thunder

Hush now

No need to rush towards

fountains at the peak,

Step by step

Hand in hand you’ll be blushed

As you hum along

the rhythm of our dance…

A blanken canvas

Colour thee mad

The abstract this time

What you see is in you,

Pastels fused with oils

After charcoals over pencils

Take the brush,

And lets begin the scenic route,

A journey my dear

To the magic of Ooh…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil