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I see you 

You see me 

You’re not here

I’m not there

All alone in your home

On the phone in my zone…

Hey yo Peyo

Tech in check

Neo Ayo pay yo

We no clones 

We be drones

So we fly in the sky

Way up high

To a throne better known

Looking thru your eye

when you spy

Can’t deny we a tie

I can’t lie when I spy

I see you when you smile

As I’m looking 

thru my regal eagle eye… 

Rat a tat all o’ that

Look who’s sneaky

See the case

Dee-dee dum

Blinded mice on the chase

Saying grace runnin’ race

How they pry as they spy

They no root in the truth

Can’t they see

that we sigh cos they lie…

Neo Ayo

From a drone

I see you

You see me

Better I put my eyes 

on your face,

In that space

be no prying lying eyes

Regal eagles 

I thy birdie-birdie

Making drone in the zone 

In a home 

Now we own…

Grace’s Aces places spaces

At that 

Cat that

Mack that…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

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