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Door in my garage by oscarps

Urban art begins with spray painting, it is the way in which one can find a greater diversity of styles and aesthetic searches by the artists of the movement. Although also in stickers and posters, it is where we can see the evolution of this street art.

Normagraphs, perforated rules that allow to reproduce the standard letters of the alphabet, are based on the stencil technique that in this case focus on graffiti, One of the most common ways of doing this is to trim the desired image onto a hard sheet of paper; The drawing appears as an open space with solid areas around it. The template thus obtained is placed on a new sheet of paper and the paint is applied over the entire surface. The areas of paint that reach the bottom sheet are limited to the shape of the recesses in the template, thus creating the desired image. Many strategies with different ideologies but the same theory “The Art”, many paint, others draw, some only scratch by scratching to put something that does not make sense at times but is simply art embodied in diverse structures, either in a paper, in Canvas, on the floor, in crystals, in fruits, etc., even with toilet paper, because at the end of the day it is about creativity to be unique and to be able to express oneself, to have the power to show us what they do.


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