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Hey you,

Here I go once again

Like you already know

Me see you

as I ink paper to pen…

Lights dimmed low

My tempo’s flow

Just before the reddish glow

of a distant morning

comes to sight

And I’m wondering,

I’m wondering

about your thoughts…

As the orange horizon meets to greet

I’m thinking,

I’m thinking about your eyes

The kindness of your light

Do they smile

when they read the works of my art

Do they sync in

to the oneness of my mind…

This here this year

a special kinda Spring in the air

When Humming birds

this way they sing


Do you feel this harmony

right down to the toes

on your feet?

And your smile

How does it speak

Like I already know

Does it say

See me see you

As night falls into day

Like ‘Dido’…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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