Diary of a Simple guy-2




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Continued from Part-1

Why are you fond of me?

I wondered aloud

then got up

with slow steps

I ate the stale pizza quarter

and then took a look

around my room

which had a table

on which a glass was placed

some whisky of golden hue

stood at unmoving half level.

I decided to move it

and emptied in one gulp.

Soon fire ran through me

and works began.

I shuddered and eyes drooped

yet I stepped out.

In the street i staggered aimlessly

as Sun bit the street so hard

eyes tried to evade

but direct rays pierced;

I was in a residential lane

of sorts all deserted and desolate

due to the bright Sun.

I began the walk

and stopped at some noise

near one with a window to street.

No curtains were drawn

and one could look inside

my worn and drooped eyes

saw inside-two figures

struggling with each other

now stood up and now on bed

once up and once down

the two players fought.

My eyes noted

some red and some blue.

Then I moved a bit

to catch my drunken breath

my mind was drunken agog

I placed myself by the door.

Just then it opened

and red came out.

I focussed

and found

the answer to my question of before

of your fondness and more

you were there

clothes dishevelled

body shapes crushed

lips smeared

and legs limped

as you struggled

balance on your staccatos

to take wary steps

my eyes drooped in further tap

I was trapped in whisky

as distance between you me

spread. Your fondness stood

but mine was reduced

with your walking speed.

May be I knew

how you acquired your original

body smells now.

I slumped on the sun floor

and I noted it was the home

of district attorney

as its address plate screamed. !

To be continued………………….


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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