Deer Hunter Iphone Photographer

Sunday, 12.23.18

I returned home at 4 pm. I decided to create more iPhone photo art for fun of neighborhood holiday winter decor. While walking in my neighborhood, I noticed some cute deer sighting, as I walked through the residential forest of greenery, native plants, and townhomes.

These cute deer sculptures are new decor. They light up with yellow and white light at night.

The deer looks cute against the greenery background of a residential area.

I also noticed some of the deer sculptures were different styles and colors.

The tropical greenery behind the deer looks like the deer is at a beach island…

Some of the flowers in the background add some color to the winter scene…

As I notice the sun is going down, I decided to check my mailbox before I walk back to my townhouse.

A neighbor’s cute decor…

This looks like the autumn-winter transition, although I think this photo was an accident because I have 5 snapshots of this that I don’t really remember doing, I just accidentally pressed the iPhone camera button a couple of times without realizing because there isn’t really anything there of specific interest.


What do you think?


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