Dark & Stark

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I do not walk any longer

because when I did last

the walk turned into a run

a literal run of my heart

it raced and pulsated

and my eyes grew damp with desire

my heart longed to vault out

my hands grew stiff

my palms so very erect

I had the strongest desire

to touch that exquisite face

long blondes that mashed well with strands of copper

you vaporized smells off your body

that would shame even the freshest fragrance

worn by a baby in tender care of a mom

your eyes smiled

high cheek boned cheeks were hued red

your firm breasts and rotund hips

announced a woman on trunk solid rocks

then your sweet voices

and twinkling laughter stole my heart

then you vanished right of the park

I am in your search

but you are nowhere

leaving my life dark and stark!

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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