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Dali, the Royal Heart, and Alice Cooper


Jewelry Creations

Even though at time Dali seemed to be a lunatic he was actually a genius. You can see this in the Dali Joies, a collection of jewelry designed by Dali in collaboration with American millionaire Cummins Catherwood. Catherwood provided millions of dollars worth of precious stones that Dali created in many exquisite pieces. The collection was produced in New York under the supervision of Argentinean silversmith Carlos Alemany. Altogether 39 pieces of jewelry were made, which exchanged hands many times before they were finally sold to the Salvador Dali Foundation for 5.5 million Euros in 1999.The central piece called The Royal Heart was crafted from pure gold and dotted with 46 rubies, 42 diamonds, and two emeralds. The most unusual thing about this piece is that it beats like a human heart.

Famous Friends


Dali had many famous friends such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon, David Bowie, Pablo Picasso and even Sigmund Freud. However, of all of them, his most unusual acquaintance was rock legend, Alice Cooper. It was in 1973 that Dali heard about Cooper and his stage show and the artist asked to meet him and his manager. Dali showed up for the meeting with Cooper in a giraffe-skinned coat, sparkly socks, and curly, elastic boots. The artist asked for a cup of hot water, took out a jar of honey from his pocket and with a pair of scissors he cut the dripping strand of honey into the hot water. Along with him arrived an entourage of beautiful teenagers all dressed in robes and saying nothing.As things progressed they got ever stranger. Dali presented Cooper with a plaster sculpture of this brain, crowned by a chocolate éclair with real ants running down the middle and asked the rocker to model for him. Cooper agreed and modeled under armed guard because he wore a diamond tiara provided by Dali and worth $2 million. His creation was an amazing hologram of Cooper covered in diamonds and biting the head of a Venus de Milo statuette. Dali managed to accomplish this by using lasers in order to capture a three-dimensional image.

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