Da vince and the Mona Lisa

· Da vinci and the Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa: Le Louvre 
27 Jun 2017


Mona Lisa: Le Louvre

LE LOUVRE was there

in 1985

and a simple poet

froze in the air of silence

in the ROOM

just a museum

you might ASSUME


Centuries too dumb

to speak or DECLARE

heart pounding

from 10 feet to ZOOM

Just a Poet

with an open eye

A finger a Hand

a Man with the voice

of a poet

but no Hand to DRAW

no such talent at ALL

Mona Lisa

held her FACE


it Exposed the lines

of her FACE

ina RACE to

hold that face

or expression

in One PLACE

Mona held STILL

for hours

with the STEEL of her Will

THEN CAME the Skill

of LEONARDO da Vinci

with a WILL

to freeze two thoughts into ONE

And the poet who could SING

of the sweetness

and hustle and bustle

or the STING

of a World

was held tongue tied

with hands by my SIDE

And the ghost of LEONARDO

and the face of a woman

with relentless PRIDE

BOTH held me frozen

and the JOY from FOREVER


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Written by Johndavisnearby

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