How I Created My Minotaur using MediBang Paint

After posting the first part of my Wrath of the Raging a Minotaur story, I though I would need another image for the second part (which I call “Poisoned”). It took me over a week, about one to two hours per day), to finish that drawing and I need one this week.

So I thought I would do a pure post digital version of my Minotaur. So here is a short journey how I Created my Minotaur using MediBang Paint.

  1. Initial Sketch : I first created a sketch  on the first layer. I set the layer to 8-bit and changed the color to blue. Blue so I can trace it on another layer with black pen.
  2. Inking– I created a new layer over the sketch layer. 
  3. Adjusting as I draw. I usually adjust my drawing during this step. Sometimes my initial sketch is quite out of proportion that I need to make some adjustments. Here, I made the head a bit bigger and adjusted the left foot. Also the left thumb was quite too big.
  4. Base Color– I added another layer behind the ink or outline layer and using the bucket fill tool, I applied to brown color to my Minotaur. One thing I like in MediBang Paint, is by default, the action is applied on the “canvass”. Meaning I don’t need to use the magic wand selection tool on the ink layer then switch to my base color layer in order to apply the fill color where I want to. 
  5. Adding the details. I added some details,specifically the fur and some muscles. 
  6. Clothing and other “upper” colors – I added another layer to color the pants, axe, shoulder plate (or whatever it is called) and the eyes. If u have done this on Photoshop I would create separate layers for each.
  7. Shading – normally I would create a separate layer for each part, so could put additional details like the shadow of the axe on the leg, but since I’m on a rush, the shades is to emphasize the depth of the muscles and the folds of the pants. I set the blending option to multiply.
  8. Additional details – for this character, I need to show some parts of his torn pants dangling behind him, so I added a layer behind the base color for that purpose.

  9. The final result. Hiding the sketch layer, Viola! My Minotaur is done. Estimated number of hours to complete : 7. I still need to add the environment for my story though.

I hope you like this mini-tutorial.

What do you think?


What do you think?

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