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Create “Eye Candy” in Photography

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

After working on my script earlier, I got ready to go check out another Canon workshop about lighting. Photographer Mariles Hartmann talked about working with lighting in wedding photography to create artist photographs. She started out as a food photographer taking “food porn” photos. Then, she ended up doing weddings, where she is now known as a Natural Light Photographer. She emphasized the importance of having a Voice-Activated Light-stand and Off-Camera Flash.

Magmod is a light modifier, which is used to spread light and control light. You can further control your lighting with gels, flash, and trigger.

The ultimate lighting is the natural light, which is sunlight.

The ambient light is the current light that is already present in the scene before any other light is added.

There is also an On-Camera Flash. The Off-Camera Flash is speedlights, studio light, and contrast light. Sync flash with the trigger.

Lighting Methods include open shade, back light, midday light, side light, tunnel light, and overhead light.

The Midday Light involves standing in line with the shadow on the ground to minimalize any light or shadow on the subject’s face.

Using Overhead Light is a good way to create dramatic photographs.

The 7 S’s for creating “Eye Candy” Portfolio

  • Silhouettes—place subject in front of the light.
  • Shadows
  • Side Light
  • Sun Flares—use wide open aperture at sunsets with long lens.
  • Sunbeams—creates storytelling, and works well with dust, smoke and sprays.
  • Stars—use Rear Curtain Sync
  • Storytelling

She later adds an 8th one, which is Symmetry. But she also adds that it is important not to have or make any Shot-list.

Rear Curtain Sync for taking a night shot under the stars is done toward the end of the exposure.


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