When sound the rain it pours

There in your cozy kitchen

From head to feet exquisite,

Me I adore a-more

Pass your tower around the waist

My eyes they take for tours…


Dainty dappled feet that seats your toes

Delicate like soft falling drizzle

Your toes, ooh your toes

Within a beat I skip to fizzle

At this sphere the appetite to bite,

Boo there’d be no cook out tonight…


The passion the fire

The atmosphere of you

The way you light my fire

Pour the wine we play

Desired moments are perfect hey,

And all I need is

Love songs, candlelight and you..


Hors d’oeuvres my love

Or salad green with lemon lime

The tangy taste there is no haste,

With scented candles everywhere

The man of me can handle this

Damn! that ‘fit within you’re laced

The boy of me

He just can’t help but stop,

And stare…


I like to look at you

preparing ingredos to menu

For me tho I’m at your feet

Cos I know just what you need,

Whipping up your favorite desert

Maybe Buble on the wireless

How bout a soufflé?

Lady we can try this…


Things that lovers do

To cook in with you

It kinda feels like a magic between us

that won’t ever leave us,

Baby you for me

And me for you…


Lady of dujour

We’re not perfect or pure

But tell me this,

Every 1 step closer a-gliss

Don’t it seem like

we’re heading toward the sweetest of bliss?


And if I were not here

won’t I be the one that you would miss…

Je dis I say

De moi à toi,


Copyright © 2017         Bradley M. Tremmil 

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