Love ItLove It

conversations, in Braille…

conversations, in Braille… 

if the absence of light

is darkness

then how do we see 

with our eyes closed?

extra over ordinary

that’s because we feel,

i feel what you feel

and you feel what i feel,

you and i

two of a kind we are

we carry the light of love

within our beings,

nothing i mean nothing 

not even time and distance

can separate the rhythm 

of what we feel,

how we feel

and why we feel,

no matter how far

i still meet you there, 

how can i not admire the flair

at the way you wear your hair?

see when I’m blindfolded

it’s like in Braille 

thru patterns of the winds

we hear conversations

of our hearts speaking things,

things more than wonderful –

you see,

you and me

we just know that

every road I’ve traveled

leads me right back 

into the Evergreen 

with you

and every page that we write

will be as a dream

that has already come to be true,

of colours 

and of things anew

speak my love speak…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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