These images are drawn by me with conte, it’s gritty and chalky but you can mould it with a tortilion or your finger to make it softer. You can get conte in just about any colour and even in conte pencils.

The old masters had sepia or burnt umber and it was usually a sketch only.

I like this medium it has a tone and softness about it, but the substance is gritty and not always easy to use. It’s well worth the effort to give this a go if you like art work.

#1 Granny Tresidder

This is my Granny, Iris Tresidder at Ellerslie races in the late 1940's before I was even thought of. She was with Mum and my Uncle Derek all dressed in the nines.

Granny Tresidder and my other Granny (Dad's Mother) both wore fox furs which was the fashion of those times. 

Ellerslie races still goes, it is for galloping horses and steeplechase races. The trotters race at Alexander Raceway. Both race courses are very close, one is in Greenlane (Alexander) and the other in Remurea (Ellerslie). Well Remurea and Ellerslie are borderline territories in the Auckland region, of New Zealand.

#2 Life Class Ponsonby

Not allowed time is there to do everything I want. 

Life class often begins with a very short time like 2 mins, twice, 5 mins twice, one 15 minute pose or 20 minute pose and the times depends on the Life class teacher. I don't think anyone did any teaching in this class. People just come and try to become good a drawing life.

Nude is done to improve the 3 dimensional understanding of the human figure be it male or female. Truth be, to draw people you need to understand basic facts of anatomy at all stages of life, all ages and all sizes.

Trouble with this Art Class there is no parking area anywhere you only get there by luck of a parking space.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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