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Colouring painting !

Its a beautiful phenomenon to seen that will be ready , image looks like a different seems to be a like a greatful pictures shown in the post. Today was a great day for a me , because my friends told to me , you should will be drawn the image of the duck , I thoughts thats good idea for a me. SO I will start that works first of all pick up the black colour fill the outer line of the duck and then was a next colour fill the background red and mixing colours , I’m enjoyed this graceful and creative work. I like painting , keep painting in a free time. But I will mostly started that a depends on the environment.Nowdays a going to the paintings days , I’m happy because my all work going to be a good job. I hope everybody likes my painting. If everyone inspired to my work then will be amazing for a me. I will always trying to be a best work. I’m thankful to a virily community gives me a big chance my creative work still be a enhanced.


What do you think?


Written by Uzmasoomro

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