I said hey

She said hey

I said play

She said

Nay no not today

But hey,

I got food for thought

I’d love to convey…

Life ain’t all about the race

It’s about time & space

And how you handle

your own damn pace,

I read somewhere

Best be like Johnny

And keep on Walking…

Your life,

is your treadmill

Nobody can be a better you

than you,

How you do?

You be you

And you do you,

Competition ain’t nothing

but an illusion

The intrusion

that robs peace from one’s sleep…

I heard somewhere

It took one Master

30 years to master a skill

In 3 years did he fulfill

The legend that lasted eons

And still today,

Did he run?

– don’t know

Did he walk?

– if the waters could speak,

they’d say so…

In life

Only in your own mind

can you play rewind,

Living on borrowed time

It’s about choices,

Fulfill your own prophesy

Be the best you

you can be

Or be somebody else’s

mini me…

For whatever

– Keep walking

For why-ever

– Keep dreaming

Sometimes to yourself only

– Keep talking,

However you wanna,

You do you

While I be me…


Ta, ta, tey

Have a happy,

Happy Coffee Day 

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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