Cup Cake,

I like the way your eyes make

They look at me like flirty-flirty

Mine in twine with thine Miss purdy-purdy…

I like the way your eyes mate,

A penny for your thoughts

Me thinking bout your ports

Be the sport

I’ll pet your name to coffee cakes…

How about a coffee date?

I can do the coffee

You can do the cake

We can be the coffee mates…

Better yet,

How about we make n’ bake

Intuitions into wishin’s

We can do it in the kitchen,

Finessence your essence

Vanilla essence

Coffee –

Creamer –

Sugar –

Dough –

For to fold

Four hands in a bowl

This is how we’ll rock n’ roll…

Tenderoni only hold me

Playing like we only homies

I love the way you push up own me,

Yummy Mami sweet like honey

You can be my only-only…

Eye we mates

About our coffee date?

You and me

And me and you,

Scrumptious sumptuous

Sweet n’ rich n’ creamy dream me

You can be my coffee cakes…

Copyright © 2016 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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