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Chocolate Hearts to Adore…


I see you 

in your beautiful,

Your eyes 

Your eyes are like precious jewels

mysteriously bright and mystical,

Elegantly debonair

You’re most certainly not the typical…

I see you 

in your melanin 

Poised and sophisticated

as should a Nubian

Golden skin flawless

like spices from the Mediterranean

I see you…

I see you 

in your beautiful

As a princess whose Arabian

Surrounded by thoroughbred stallions

Trotting round and around

like the ancient Sabaeans…

I see you 

in your ruby red,

On a bed of roses

Come melt away with chocolate moments

When I lay you down,

I’ll lay poses at your feet…

I see you 

in your beautiful,

Betwixt your lips

A scrumptious smile 

that makes the stars ashamed 

at the sight of your moonlight,

Let nothing else be relevant

except your moment in your element…

Eloquent like Jazz 

to my mind, body and soul

Oh how I see you…

I see you

that you’re beautiful,

I see you

in your beautiful… © 2019                   Bradley M. Tremmil



Mercy me

More I see,

This May 

May I say Mercie,

My attitude’s of gratitude

And again may I say

Je vous remercie…

Your elegance,

May I say 

Intelligence is sexy

Your pleasance 

Si pertinent pour moi

What have I done

to deserve such benevolence?

Like waves of an ocean that flows

I feel the chemistry,

Up to the sky

1 foot off the ground

I’m almost on levity…

For you mi lady

My proclivity

to say things beautifully 

It just comes naturally 

And all the more spiritually

Unbelievably within I feel,

I feel an incredible liberty… 

Positively breathing sincerity 

Higher I aspire 

I hear music in my ears,

So sweet when you greet

It’s like the morning sun

speaking melodies to my heart

And what’s more,

You’re like a ballerina 

I long to adore

As you waddle when you walk,

Your sunshine 

Blue skies I don’t mind

Like ripples like waves

Lay it on me…

This May

When I pray

More I say


More & more may I see 

And again may I say


Je vous remercie…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

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