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All that time waiting

It was just practice

Misconstrued by a few

who interpreted my work

as malpractice,

Born of a lion

They never knew

my Ju was an iron

With higher permission

leashed on my mission

Could never say die

or ask questions why,

I had to keep my try on 

There were days before these

By choice when

I kept myself locked down

I’d just write & write

About anything n’ everything

till a part of me was due to see,

And every girl I’d sight

No matter how bright

Somehow wasn’t quite

the peace to my puzzle,

My only

They just were not you,

All those days apart

Even tho I’d say it right

I don’t know why you didn’t come,

But then

On those cold and lonely nights

When I thought

my heart could not go on

I’d hear your voices in the wind

sing to me a lullaby,

It’s been a long time coming

thru the hardest of tests

I write to you straight

B’cos I know

You deserve the very best,

Girl to me

You are rays of light

who rhymes upon the morning dew

You ignite my embers

thru the farces of winters splinter,

See cos when you touched my hand

Right there I knew

It was you and only you

I want share delicious creams

with all sort of berries

Like blueberries and strawberries,

And on the coldest of nights

Upon those cherry lips

A sip of sherry or three

My Cherie a boo,

With only you

My only…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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